Chris Schnaedelbach

CEO Cyber Air Virtual Airlines

Chris, a technical engineer with a private pilot's license has been the CEO of Cyber Air since 2006 and has managed to keep the VA going. Besides he is very interested in keeping up the friendships he made in our flying community. He has been with Cyber Air almost from the beginning in 1994 and is keeping the nice tradition of Cyber Air's Monday Night group flights alive. Chris' tasks include accepting new members into the airline and keeping contact to the hub captains to get an overview over the activities. Chris is also a beta-tester for many flightsim products.

Christoph Beck

Vice President for Internal Affairs

Christoph is a teacher who also gives flight sim lessons at his school. He has been interested in flight simulation for many decades and enjoys meeting his Cyber friends online and in real life at the Cyber Air BBQs. Besides being the brewing master of "CyBeer" which is brewed for Cyber Air summer BBQs he enjoys flying model aircraft in his free time. Beside being a steady member of the Monday Night flights Christoph's tasks are mainly supporting Chris and keeping contact to the members of the Munich Hub. He is the co-author of many handbooks for flightsim addons and proof-reads handbooks for aircraft and sceneries for a big German producer.

Bill Alderson

Founder and Chairman of Cyber Air Virtual Airlines

In 1992 Jim Sundstrom founded the first virtual airline called Sun Air in the CompuServe Forum. Other groups like Noble Air and America East Line (AEL) were to follow and the FS-Forum turned into an elitist community that allowed only few virtual airlines to participate. The US-American Bill Alderson, who lives in Illinois, became Vice-President of the AEA whose President was occupied as Windows-95-Beta-tester and was planning to transfer his complete virtual airline to the newly-founded MSN-network – which displeased many pilots including Bill Alderson.

Consequently, the founder of AEA was locked out from the FS-Forum and in October 1994 AEA pilots who were also still FS-Forum members founded Cyber Air Virtual Airlines under the leadership of Bill Alderson. Thus, Cyber Air can rightly so claim to be one of the oldest virtual airlines.

In 1996 some 40 pilots were registered at Cyber Air’s US hubs as well as at its European hub. With the rising attractiveness of the Internet Cyber Air kept growing and can meanwhile be found in the web at

Right to the end of the 20th century Cyber Air was flying by the motto “If we don’t build ‘em, we don’t fly ‘em”. Bill built the airplanes and distributed them free-of-charge to the VA pilots. These planes were amongst the best that could be had at that time.

With the launch of FS2000 the first complex airliners came on the market and started to take over the position of Bill’s planes. Today you can find lots of freeware-aircraft in fitting Cyber colours. You can also find specially created Cyber Air liveries for many payware aircraft.

Mike Goggans

Vice President für American Flight Operations

Mike Goggans is also an long yeared member Cyber Air, also running our Australian Sydney Hub. He lives in Texas and is responsible for our flight operations

Hans Ulrich Kriens

Vice President for Worldwide Flight Operations

Flew ULM, light types and Piper Twins like PA34, PA23 and PA32 as well Cessna 414. On PC12 I flew as Second Officer.

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